[Video] Summary of Cost Management Processes

Summary of Cost Management in 1:13 Minutes

Outcome of poor WBS [Mind Map]

Work breakdown structure (WBS) is an important document in Project management. Poorly constructed WBS will lead to project failure. Here is a mind map that points out different adverse outcomes of poor WBS.

Outcome of Poor WBS

Outcome of Poor WBS

6 Reasons why people give up – Mind Map

Here are 6 major reasons why people give up. Let us see how to overcome each one of these in future post. Click on the picture to see in full size.

Why do people give up

Why do people give up

[Video] Summary of Scope Management Processes

Summary of Scope Management in 1:20 Minutes

PMBOK Guide is not a boring book anymore!

Many expressed PMBOK Guide as a boring book to read. Did you check out PMBOK 6th Edition? If not, do so. You will change your opinion.

I reviewed the PMBOK Guide from 2003 edition & I see lot of new, interesting and engaging content added in PMBOK 6th Edition compared to its predecessors. PMI Team worked so well to provide more information on each topics which were bit ambiguous earlier. There are couple of topics added to every knowledge area which recognizes the new trends in project management, tailoring needs and Agile. Overall I am excited to see the new version. What is your thoughts?

Knowledge Area (KA) Topics

8 Common Errors in Change Management

“Change Management is hard.”
“It is error prone.”
“Difficult to predict outcome”.

If you say “Yes” to all above statement, then I recommend you to read “Leading Change” by John. P. Kotter at least once. It provides valuable input to do successful change management in your organization.

Here is his list of 8 common errors in change management.

8 Errors in Change Management

8 Errors in Change Management

PMBOK 6th Edition Interesting Facts

I have the habit of analyzing & collecting the interesting facts about Processes and ITTO items in PMBOK. I did this for past couple of editions. Here are some interesting facts related to ITTO in PMBOK 6th Edition:

3 Most Frequently Occurred ITTO item:

  1. Project Management Plan – 48 Times (47 times as Inputs, 1 time as Output). Fun Question: Find out the one process that is not having Project Management Plan as ITTO.
  2. Organizational Process Assets – 47 Times (47 times as Inputs)
  3. Project Documents – 43 Times (43 times as Inputs)

Total Number of Unique ITTO items: 147

Knowledge Areas with Highest Number of Processes:

  • Integration (7 Processes)
  • Risk (7 Processes)

Process Group with Highest Number of Processes: Planning (24 Processes)

EEF and OPA are used as acronyms for Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets respectively. Though these acronyms appeared in 5th Edition Appendix, it is more prominently spelled out in 6th Edition.

Did you notice any interesting facts? Share it with us.