Manager Vs Leader

Few days back, I briefed the definition and basic differences of Management and Leadership. The following list shows different characteristics of a Manager against a Leader.

Manager Leader
plans energy
goals vision and values
does things right does the right things
defines vision and purpose statements lives vision and purpose
defines value statements models values
short-term results emphasized long-term results, big picture emphasized
top-down strategy leadership at all levels; everyone strategic
measurement of activities measurement of results
focus on content sets context, pays attention to process
success based on predictability success based on innovation and adaptation
“head stuff” (e.g., behavior, compliance) “heart stuff” (e.g., morale, commitment)
controls inspires, creates new ways, coaches, mentors
linear, rational, analytical systems, aligning the whole, intuitive
techniques principles
one best style (plan, organize, delegate, control) multiple, situational leadership roles and styles
quality control everyone responsible for quality
inward-looking customer-focused
individual effort and reward individual and team effort and reward
management knows best all together know best
success as personal success success as the success of others

Though characteristics of Management and Leadership differs in some fundamental areas, as I mentioned earlier, one needs to balance both management & leadership skills to ensure success in career and life.

2 thoughts on “Manager Vs Leader

  1. First of all, I want to thank you(Kalaras) for coming forward to share your knowledge. By the way, I have put only the basic differences which i collected as part of my studies. It would be great if you share your views with all of us. I haven’t visited Management 101 till date. Let me check that today.

  2. With all due respect to what you have placed on the list “Manager vs Leader” it reminds me of Management 101.
    The info is “good” but basic and definitely not all inclusive. Actually, the most important qualitative and quantitative differences aren’t there.

    I would be delighted to give you some guidance, if you want. You have my info.

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