General note on motivational theories

Motivation can be defined as a psychological process that causes the direction, and persistence of voluntary actions that are goal directed

Motivation is the Leads to —————————that results in
psychological —————> Choice of Behavior ——————> Job performance

As manager’s, why you need to know about motivation?

* It helps you understand your behavior and the behavior of others

* It can help a manager build and manage a “system of motivation.”

* It offers conceptual tools for analyzing motivation problems in organizations

Number of motivational theories evolved in past few decades. These theories can be classified in two different categories as Need theories, Process theories.

* Need theories – Analyzes different type of individuals needs and influence their behavior & effectiveness. Some need theories are – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s two factor theory

* Process theories – These theories understand how people think and how such thoughts influences their behaviors. Some process theories are – Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, Path – Goal Theory