Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs)

Let me start the topic with the following four questions:

* What are the environmental factors that influence your project’s success?

* Is those environmental factors are external or internal to your organization?

* Is the factor going to affect the project outcome positively or negatively?

* Is any factor imposing any constraints on the existing project management options?

You may bring a list of factors for the above thought provoking questions. Here we go!

The project manager must consider any or all external environmental factors and internal organizational environmental factors that surround or influence a project’s success. These factors are referred as Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs).

These factors may come from any or all of the enterprises involved in the project and it may include lot of things like organizational culture & structure, existing resources, PM softwares, etc. But these must be taken into account for every project process like project charter preparation, project planning, scheduling, costing, resources, etc.

Enterprise Environmental Factors include(not limited to):

* Organizational culture & structure, Infrastructure,

* Government rules, guidelines, regulations or industry standards,

* Marketplace conditions,

* Stakeholder risk tolerances,

* Project management information systems(PMIS),

* Existing human resources factors like skills, knowledge, disciplines,

* Personnel administration like hiring, performance review guidelines, training,

* Published commercial information or databases for estimations,risk data

* Company work authorization system.

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