What are the parameters to be considered before starting any activity?

Failure – The word most of us hate! But this is the word most of us talk every moment & whole of our life! Isn’t it?

Though we take utmost care towards success path, we do miss something and the result is unexpected (failure) most of the time. So, What is going wrong with us? Why did we fail executing a particular activity? Have we considered every possible options, risks and solutions? All these questions comes to our mind after failure 🙂

Few reasons which we generally give are:

  1. I thought this would be easier task to do. Later on I found it was complex.
  2. I thought there would be any hurdles to my activity. The situation & the market were unfavorable when I started it.
  3. I thought I have enough knowledge and skill to perform this activity. But it required Java expertise skills.
  4. I thought he would help me in doing this activity. He was in bad financial status to do so.
Knowledge of Power

Knowledge of Power

Certain parameters need to be considered before starting an activity. In a broader sense it is called as Planning. How well one can plan an activity? Before acting, let (one) weigh well

1. the strength of the deed (he purposes to do),

2. his own strength,

3. the strength of his enemy, and

4. the strength of the allies (of both). (Thirukkural. Couplet.471)

If you start an activity after considering complete information on the above four parameters then no one can stop you from reaching the success.


1. Thirukkural (Tamil) by Thiruvalluvar

2. Thirukkural – English Translation and Commentary by Rev Dr G U Pope, Rev W H Drew, Rev John Lazarus and Mr F W Ellis First published by W.H. Allen, & Co, 1886, Reprinted by The South India Saiva Siddhantha Works Publishing Society, Tinnevelly, Madras, India , 1962, 1982.

3 thoughts on “What are the parameters to be considered before starting any activity?

    • Hi Krishna, Thanks for your reply. I love Thirukkural for its concise, great meanings and excellent advises for every situation. I am happy that both of our interest matches. Thanks once again.

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