Key Leadership Skill – Communication

Communication is the key skill for Leaders. Do you think you need a special stage or dais or forum to show you are a good communicator? No. Even communication between just two people will make you a good leader between you two.



Let us understand the events that happens when two people communicate or exchange information:

* Each one tries to show their proficiency on the topic they are presenting/discussing
* Each one may have different views on same issue or topic
* Each one tries to influence other to agree with their view
* There could be mutual agreement on the conclusion
* At the end, even there is no mutual agreement, surely one get influenced by others’ opinion in one or other way
* We never know who or how much we influence

*Reflection of the influence is not immediate or straight forward. But we will show it on some other day in different ways

Consider each communication opportunity as opportunity to show your leadership ability. By doing so, you will be placing yourself well in your leadership path.

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