Project Management Process Groups & Processes (PMBOK® 4th Edition)

I am creating Mind Maps™ for project management coaching activity. I found Mind Maps™ are giving excellent way of visual communication compared to verbose presentation slides. Especially in project management, Mind Maps™ have wide range of application like decision making, risk planning, process flows, etc. In this map, I presented PMBOK process groups & processes within those process groups. Click on the Image to view it in HQ (3900 px * 2861 px). You will get a nice printout on A4 Landscape paper.


Here is another Mind Map in Knowledge Area perspective.

Project Management Mind Map

Update on 12th June 2010 – For benefit of everyone I put the entire Process Group/Process/ITTO in a Free Mind file (.mm format) in this blog using file sharing service – it appears as last item in the left side bar.

* Note# 1: There could be some typo or presentation errors. Please reply back for any corrections.

* Note# 2: You can use this for personal use (like studying for PMP Exam or PM activities). But don’t share this in common forum or web sites.


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