Conflict Management MindMap

Here is the conflict resolution & conflict management Mindmap. This map is self explanatory on conflict characteristics, conflict management influence factors & gives more info on each resolution type.


Characteristics of Conflict

  • Natural & inevitable

  • Forces a search for alternatives

  • Team issue

  • Needs to be resolved by conflicting parties itself

  • Can be escalated to Project Manager

  • Pros

    • Increased Productivity

    • Better decision making

    • Stronger team

  • Cons

    • Low team morale

    • Decreased productivity

    • Biased decision making

    • Divided team

Conflict Management

  • Characteristics

    • Openness required for resolution

    • Resolution focus on issues

    • Resolution focus not on personalities

    • Resolution focus on present, not the past

    • Different styles followed by different manager

  • Influence Factors

    • Relative importance & Intensity of the conflict

    • Time pressure for resolution

    • Position taken by conflicting parties

    • Need resolution for Short term or Long term basis?

  • Techniques

    • Withdrawing/Avoiding

      • Worst way to resolve conflict

      • Withdrawing or Avoiding potential conflict situation

      • Temporary solution & leaves the conflict exists

      • Spoil goals & relationships

    • Smoothing/Accommodating

      • Temporary solution & conflict may resurface later

      • Making differences smaller they seem by emphasizing more on agreement areas

      • Good for relationships

    • Compromising

      • Permanent solution & conflict may resurface later if solution not followed

      • Getting into a solution that both parties agrees to some extent

      • middle-of-the-road kind of solution

      • Neither lose nor win

      • Will not make any difference in relationships

    • Forcing

      • Provides Win-Lose solutions

      • One party forces other to agree

      • Happens when one has more power than other

      • Permanent solution but not the best

      • Spoil relationships

    • Collaborating

      • Permanent solution & incorporated from one out of many resolutions

      • Resolutions provided from different viewpoints

      • More than one resolution identified, ranked and agreed best option selected

      • Leads to consensus and commitment

      • Experts or team involved in getting their viewpoints

    • Confronting/Problem Solving

      • Permanent and indisputable solution

      • Best way to resolve conflict

      • requires a give-and-take attitude and open dialogue

      • Conflicts considered as problems & solved

      • Finds one correct solution for each disagreement area

      • Clear resolution -> no disagreement after this

      • Good for relationships

* Note# 1: There could be some typo or presentation errors. Please reply back for any corrections.

* Note# 2: You can use this for personal use (like studying for PMP Exam or PM activities). But don’t share this in common forum or web sites.

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