Mental Preparation for Leadership

Your Altitude is determined by Your Attitude. Attitude is formed in mind that drives the action. Preparing mind is more important internal activity for Leadership. Communication is vital piece in preparing the mind. What you think is expressed through your communication. “Integrity between what you say and what you are” – is important leadership quality. In order to explain mental preparation, communication I present conversation excerpts that happened between me and my friend sometime back.

One day, my friend came to my home with a long face. I asked him for the reason. He told someone in the road scolded him with bad words.

I asked him – “Have you replied to that person?”.

Friend told “Yes. I did. I used all the bad words I know against him and his family”.

I asked – “Is that the person known to you?”

Friend told – “No. I am seeing him for the first time. I don’t know what went on his mind to scold me”.

I asked – “Do you think what you did is right?”

Friend told – “Yes. How come he can scold me in the road? I need to give him reply. But still I worry I haven’t scolded him with strong words as he did”.

I asked – “Can you tell me one thing. If a person comes and scold you an “idiot”. Do you think “you are an idiot”?.

Friend replied – “No. But how to stop him then?”

I told – “Anybody can wound others body as it is outside and accessible. But words wound only when you allow it to reach your mind. Tell me this – Do you accept a parcel which has address of your neighbor?”

Friend replied – “How come? I don’t accept as it is not for me.”

I told – “In the same way, if anyone uses words that are not for you, you need to ignore.”

I continued – “Visuals & Words are direct entry to your mind. If you allow them fully then they will take control of your brain. You act as per others wish. In your case you allowed & completed accepted his words and then replied to it. Is that right?”

Friend replied – “Oh. Yeah. He would have thought I was somebody else and did so. I am wondering Why I reacted there. Even now I am carrying that worry with me. Its is not right.”

I told him – “Here are my advise –

Have faith in yourself.

Don’t allow anyone to easily control you by words.

Take conscious effort to filter out unwanted things reaching your unconscious mind.

Using bad words is like having unripened fruit when ripened fruits (i.e. good words) are available.


1. “Manase oru Manthira Saavi”(Tamil) Self-development discourse by Suki Sivam.

2. Thirukkural (Tamil) by Thiruvalluvar