Risk Register – Output of Risk Management Process

Risk register (also called as Risk Log) is a master document for all risk related processes. Though it is created during risk identification but updated throughout the project management life cycle. It is part of project management plan.

It contains complete information about project risks like

  • Risk description
  • Risk owner
  • Risk Category
  • Cause of the Risk
  • Effect or Impact of the Risk
  • Project phase detected & affected
  • Ranking
  • Affected WBS activity
  • Probability of occurrence
  • Frequency of occurrence
  • Proposed responses
  • Approved final response
  • Contingency plan
  • Fallback plan
  • Risk Triggers
  • Last occurrence
  • Cost of mitigation/fallback plans
  • Time required for risk responses
  • Reserves
  • Risk review audit information and Current status of the risk

It also contains information about residual risks & secondary risks.

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