Leadership is what you are..

“Leadership is about what you are…It is not what you wish to be…”

Have you participated in any of self-development program with pages of questions to answer as part of your assessment? If so, be truthful to yourself and tell – “Have you answered those questions with what you are actually? or what you wish to be?”. As soon as you read the question – you will get the answer from sub conscious mind which tells you the truth i.e. what you are. But you read the question second time – your conscious mind starts its thinking process & select the one that you wish to be.

One of my counterpart told me to do yoga to control anger & get focus. He told he is performing under a guru for past 3 years. But when he interacted with me, most of the time he got angry instantly without any reason. I wonder how he claims that he is yoga student for these many years. In many situations, we explain about our own behavior in one way, but we act extreme opposite to that.

But leaders should be of their own kind. Be truthful to themselves. They perform activities as what they are. Only those acts lasts longer. Other things performed just for outside world will not make you a leader.

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