Goals – Give meaning to your life

Lot of text that talks about goals but none of them will really tells how you can do it at your level. They give examples of their imaginary goals but when we really does in our personal life, you get lot of questions, confusions and at the end we give up. I like to put a simple mind map with 6 major topics.

As goals can give real meaning to your life, don’t let the circumstances decide what you need to do, instead decide what you want to achieve and move forward with those goals in mind. I used them personally and found setting goals makes the life easier & purposeful. Some of your goals can let you live longer than your life time – yes – as leaders you can live in people mind till the existence of earth.


Categorize – I call this as “Why? Factor”. Why you need to set goals? What is the purpose of your life? What you want to achieve in your life journey? To what level you want to define them? What are the areas you want to improve? Identify goals based on these questions. Some areas you can start setting goals are Career, Health, Wealth, Family, Business, etc. First select broader areas this helps to make finer goal setting.

Deadlines – This is called as “When? Factor”. You need to decide when you want to achieve these goals. Goals cannot be reached in one day & some goals may exists unachievable even after lifetime! To best of your knowledge decide the deadlines within which you want to achieve each goal set. Deadlines are the main measure of goals. Track it, in case you find it may need redefinition go ahead and change the date.

Statements – These are the “What? Factors”. Ok once you decided what you want to achieve in your life, you need to write them as statements otherwise it will just die with you in your mind. Keep the statement wordings so simple, soothing, inspiring so that you love to read them everyday & get inspired.

Options – Goals become successful when you have right options in front of you to reach them. This is the “How? Factor” for goals. Don’t stick with one, generate as many options as possible so that if one didn’t work, you can go ahead with another. In that way no need to drop any of your goals. Out of many options prioritize first best, second best, etc. In case some options won’t work in current situation then you can mark the best time for it.

Communicate – The “Who? Factor”. Who are all involved in helping  you in achieving the goal? or affecting you? Communicate them clearly about the expectations & get commitment. So that they get aligned with you.

Mind Set – Goals will work only when your mind says it works (others say it as commitment). Mind control is more important in setting & achieving the goals. Take baby steps towards each goal every day. No need to leap on single day. Make sure every activity you perform are towards the goal. Don’t give way for fear in any form – it demolishes all your dreams. Concentrate on actions that leads to results based on the options that you chose.

3 thoughts on “Goals – Give meaning to your life

  1. If you shared the mindmap file (from which the the image file was created) others would be able to edit/fix typos (such as statments to statEments) and perhaps give it a personal spin.

    • Thanks Alex. Its my bad. I need to use “Review” feature in editor without skipping but I don’t do always. This is first and foremost in my checklist before posting. I don’t have the MindMap copy with me. I will post a new corrected one soon.

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