How often should I validate current project level?

Many managers think that everyday (even sometime hourly) tracking of their real work completed with plans made. This puts more pressure on each one performing the activity to deliver things as soon as possible, as fast as they can. This problem happens because planning of validation frequency was not done as part of the project planning.

Validation has 3 important parameters – 1) Criteria for validation 2) Validation frequency 3) Validation steps

1 – Criteria for validation: Deciding the criteria for validation is important. In some manufacturing unit, criteria can be number of unit manufactured. In some other organization, it is as soon as particular activity finished. As part of criteria it is important to define the Inputs & Outputs for the validation process.

2 – Validation Frequency : How often should I validate current project level against the plans? This question gives you insight in deciding the frequency of validation.

3 – Validation steps : Having too many validation steps makes the project more complex.

The law of complexity says that the level of complexity of any task is equal to the square of the number of steps in that task. Complexity can be defined as the potential for increased costs, increased time, or increased mistakes.[1]

So, it is really critical in keeping the number of validation steps to optimal to get greatest benefits out of it in terms of increased productivity, low project cost and higher profit margins.


1. Focal Point by Brain Tracy