Be a Catalyst

Change is constant in our life and each change pushes us towards our expectation or away from it. In every action, environment plays a major role in direction change. Here I used the environment for ‘people, events, factors’ which surrounds us at any given point of time. In one or the other way, we are getting inspiration & motivation from these environmental components. These environmental components acts as catalyst & produces results.

In Chemistry we use the word catalyst to represent any substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction by reducing the activation energy, but which is left unchanged by the reaction.


In the same way, people around you acts as catalyst & increases the inspiration/motivation that makes you to reach our expected results. Those who are helping us in taking better decisions, make a change without having them affected by the whole process, we can call them as Leaders.

We are also acting as catalyst in someone’s life and bringing a welcome change in them. I see Transformational Leadership can also be termed as Catalytic Leadership as both deals with mingling with followers at their current level, helping them to move to a higher level along with you.

Transformational Leader – The leader who recognizes the transactional needs in potential followers “but tends to go further, seeking to arouse and satisfy higher needs, to engage the full person of the follower … to a higher level of need according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” … Bass

Be a catalyst.. You can be a better Transformational Leader too..

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