Monitoring and Controlling Process Group Process – Report Performance – Mind Map

Performance reports are key output for a project in which periodic collection and analysis of expected Vs. actual data is conducted. Report performance is used to communicate the project progress throughout the entire project life cycle to ensure the information needs of project stakeholders are met. Report performance is having tight bonding with Integration Knowledge Area to make sure project is moving in a direction towards achieving its goals.

Develop Project Management Plan  –> Project Management Plan –-> Input to Report Performance

Direct and Manage Project Execution –-> Work Performance Information –-> Input to Report Performance

Monitor and Control Project Work <— Performance Reports <— Output from Report Performance

Perform Integrated Change Control <— Change Requests <— Output from Report Performance

Control scope, cost, schedule – all will give work performance measurements as inputs to performance report. Also, performance reports are important input in managing project team & distributing information regarding project progress. Performance reports vary the level of its detail based on the audience from a simple status report to more elaborate reports with forecasts and risks for upper management.

Report performance is part of Communications Knowledge Area. As usual, I tried putting as much information as possible in each branch in this process map to bring out completeness to it. Hope this will be useful to you.

Report Performance

Important Note:

* Note# 1: There could be some typo or presentation errors. Please reply back for any corrections.

* Note# 2: You can use this for personal use (like studying for PMP Exam or PM activities). But don’t share this in common forum or web sites. As this one is part of my training guide and project management book.

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