“It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand it.” – John H. Taylor

In a technical meeting, John, the architect, was presenting information about new feature they are bringing in a new release. After a while, Kay interrupted him and said “Hey I don’t understand what you say? Kindly repeat or can you make it more easier for me to understand”.

“Okay, let me put it in this way….” said John and he continued.

Simplification is an important & essential quality while present ideas, in which things presented in less complex or complicated way.


– makes things easier to understand
– gives way to easy remembrance or recollection
– gives comfort
– brings positive mind attitude
– keeps the momentum
– Allows to act immediately
– gets the result
– gives happiness

There is nothing called over-simplification or under-simplification. Each one needs certain level of simplification to grasp & one person’s definition of ‘simplification’ differs from another.

Simplify your communication, work and life so that you can enjoy!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Human Life is Scrum!


When I started thinking about Scrum principles in a wholistic way, I felt Scrum was closely knitted with all important life principles. That’s the reason why anyone can relate Scrum to life easily. Here are the few comparisons.

* In life what we receive as we grow are incremental effect of what we did yesterday. We build whole life day-by-day & of course one day at a time.

* One needs to remove obstacles in each challenge they face to produce the expected result.


* Retrospection of past is what more important in increasing purpose in life hence it will lead to successful life. At regular intervals, one need to list down what to be started newly, what to be stopped permanently and what needs to be continued to get expected result. We iterate those activities or behaviors what was acclaimed as good.

* One can think that entire life goals are like ever growing Product Backlog. At any given point of time we work on those highest important goals. Once we complete it we move to next. If we find the situation is not suitable, we are move it to Product Backlog and even move it to lower priority.

* Upfront planning of entire life is not possible – even planning the next day completely is not possible! Also, we will not be having complete information on life goals (yearly, monthly) when we set it. We get more details once we pick it up in hand when it pops up as highest priority one . We demonstrate the goal output to one or many people around us & take feedback on that too.

As I said, one can relate Scrum to life but similar to Scrum, adapting what is mentioned for better life is really tough.

Leadership & Management Topics Tag Cloud


Here is the Management & Leadership topics list that I used to categorize & generate ideas. You can see all these topics in any Self-Help/ Management/ Leadership book.
If you take a closer look at the image Leadership Rubik’s cube which is the theme of this blog, I used 9 topics from the list to build it.

Here is what you can do with this list – Just take one (and only one) topic, generate at least 4 synonyms for each of those – think what idea you have about that particular item. Each one of us have general idea about each of the item listed. The more you dwell on one topic, you develop new ideas on those & you will become the master.

Situational Leadership Decision Making Quality
Excellence Standards Transformational Leadership
Transactional Leadership Authority Tasks
Priorities Style Productivity
“Just do it” Attitude Competency Collaboration
(Listening, Presenting, Reading)
Commitment Influence
Monitoring Result Oriented Budget
Problem Solving Trust Relation
Recognition Planning Awareness
Motivation Ideas Development
Growth Inspiration Helping
Effective Efficient Conflicts
Dream Big Authentic Stewardship
Servant Leadership Teamwork Accountability
Passion Measurable Action oriented
Purpose Empowerment Vision
Controlling Fun Distributed
Coaching (Training, Mentoring) Time Management
Humility Culture Traits
Ethics Metrics Networking
Challenge Strategy Learning
High Performance Creativity Innovation
Change Management Knowledge Thinking
Service Skills Empathy