Do you set Goal in Mind & not on Paper?

Every second our mind sets goals, plans activities, tracks progress and gives feedback.

Here is the perfect example which I shared to many. Your favorite film star’s movie release planned this Friday. You planned to see it on the first day, so on Wednesday evening you got the tickets online. You booked for your friend also. You asked him/her to come to a coffee shop exactly at 5.40 PM so that you can pick him/her up at 5.45 PM.

You also got ready half hour before. As per your calculation, you will reach pickup point in 15 mins and from there to theater 10 mins. Once you reach it will take at least 2-3 mins finding the allocated seat & exactly at 6.00 PM the show starts. But there is an unexpected traffic that forced you to reach 5 mins late to your friend’s pickup location. you started feeling nervous as you don’t want to miss the interesting first scene in the movie. Your friend also eager to watch the movie from start and scolding you for coming late. You reached theater at 5.59 PM and ran to your seat. Oh yeah they delayed the movie by 2 mins due to some technical issues. You feel relieved.

This is just a single event that happens in everybody’s life. Day-in day-out, this is how we spend our entire life. For every activity from waking up, brushing, bathing, cooking food, catching bus to office, coming back, buying groceries, till going to bed in the night – our mind sets goals, sets expectation how the output looks like and how to execute the tasks, when to start when to finish, it tracks progress, it gives feedback whether you achieved it as expected or not. When I ask you to put the same plan what laid out in your mind into paper or a software and track, you get scared. why? Just think about it.

Set the life goals in paper. Review often. You will surely achieve a lot. You will see the difference.

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