Few Truths about Lies

Here are few Truths about Lies:

When I tell lie,
1) I need to think through all possible questions and be ready with explanations otherwise I will get into trouble if my lies are incoherent

2) I need to tell more lies if more details asked & I need to think a lot for that

3) I need to remember the lie statements as there may be situations when people validate the information from time to time

4) I need make sure all parties involved in the lie statement informed, otherwise I will get into trouble when the other party about whom I lied reveal the truth (which can turn out to be a shameful situation)

5) When I tell lie about other people then it may cause trouble to them

6) I may feel happy about fooling someone momentarily but It affects my peace of mind as I know I lied

Why to take so much hardship? Is it worth doing that?

So the best way is – Tell the truth (Or) if possible don’t tell anything.