Wish You a Happy New Year 2014!

I can say, this year, 2013, is the best & great year for me as a blogger. I like to thank all of you in this occasion.

In one side, blog stats give me the details about the blog reach, most liked posts, most commented posts,etc, on the other side, I tried other social media like facebook, pinterest, linkedin and YouTube to share the knowledge to wide audience & succeeded to some extent.

Here is the gist of happenings in 2013 & what you can expect in 2014:

* Unlike previous years, I took enough time to conceive & shape my blog posts. This year, posted around 15 posts.

* I spent quality time in creating ITTO Process Driller excel tool for PMP aspirants. Still I have some improvement ideas & Android Mobile App for the same. I am positive in releasing them in first half of 2014.

* I am also in the process of bringing out Project Management Mind Maps for all 47 processes – This year, I published 10 mind maps till now – 2 overall (in jpg format), 2 multi-level drill ITTO maps (in pdf format) & 6 process mind maps with detailed item description for each one of them. In 2014, I am planning to publish a PDF book with all Mind Maps as ready reference.

* In 2013, I posted 200+ status updates through facebook fan page which now has 388 fans.

* In 2013, I created couple of YouTube videos on Project Management topics. My main focus in 2014 is on creating more video for PM/ Leadership knowledge sharing, tips & tricks.

The one and only reason which is leading me to contribute more is – YOUR SUPPORT!  Without your support & feedback, I don’t think it is possible for me to do so much of activities. I expect the same support from you in the years to come. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2014!


Project Management Process Driller

Play with PMBOK ITTO – Interactive Mind Map in PDF aligned with PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition(English)

Project Management-5thEd – Knowledge Area Wise 

5th KA-wise

Project Management-5thEd – Process Group Wise

5th PG-wise

Project Management Process Driller Based on PMBOK Guide® – Fifth Edition(English)

–> Project Management Process Driller Excel Workbook Link <–

In this Excel workbook, there are 4 sheets.

In first sheet(Name:KAs Vs Process Groups), I presented detailed information of Processes in different Knowledge Areas grouped under five process groups in ready-to-print table format.


In 2nd Sheet (Name:Drill-down), I presented an interactive drill down which displays ITTO information based on your selection of Process groups & processes within the process group. Here VB Macros are used to make the experience more visually pleasant and greatly understandable.


We see PMBOK arranged its content based on Knowledge area. So 3rd sheet(Name:Drill-down2) is just a different dimension for the information presented in 2nd sheet. The key driving factor here is Knowledge area. This view helps you to review ITTO PMBOK chapter-wise.


In fourth sheet(ITTO Drill-down), 191 ITTO in all processes are provided with drill down facility. With this pivot, one can readily get –

Which are all processes using particular ITTO?
Which process group that process belongs to?
Is the given ITTO item a Input or Tool & Technique or Ouput?
In how many processes an ITTO item used?
Is an ITTO item, output to which process & input to how many other processes?


This excel workbook provided for personal use like PMP Exam Preparation or PM activities & DON’T share this in common forum or web sites. As this one is part of my training guide and project management book

By the way, I one last thing before I close this post: This document is password protected. Use “leadershipchamps” as open password for the document. I prefer keeping it Read-Only to keep the integrity of the excel, so select “Read-Only” button in subsequent dialog that asks for Write Access password. Also, select “Enable content” to enable the Macros. Though I ensured it virus-free, but still I strongly advise you to virus scan before you open the document.

In case you found any errors (or) you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact me through my blog