Decision Making Process – Flow, Pitfalls & Strategy

Decision making is an important skill for Leaders. A leader is always identified by his/her decision & its outcome. Based on Heath brother’s master piece work “Decisive”, decision making involves 4 step process. Here is the list of 4 steps along with villains that makes the decision to go bad & what strategy we need to follow to defeat the villain.

1. You encounter a choice
Villain: Narrow framing makes you miss options
Strategy: Widen the options

2. You analyze your options
Villain: The confirmation bias leads you to gather self-serving information
Strategy: Reality-test your assumptions

3. You make a choice
Villain: Short-term emotion will often tempt you to make the wrong one
Strategy: Attain distance before deciding

4. Then you live with it
Villain: You’ll often be overconfident about how the future will unfold
Strategy: Prepare to be wrong

Leaders should make sure that they avoid the listed pitfalls (aka Villains) by implementing pitfall defeating strategy by default in the decision making process to get good result.

Decision Making process

Decision Making process

For more information on this topic, you can read it from “Decisive” by heath brothers.

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