Psychological Courage – A parable

Once a farmer’s old donkey fell into an abandoned well. Initially the farmer made some halfhearted efforts to save it. Finding the task very difficult, he had second thoughts.

1) It is not worth to retrieve the old donkey
2) The abandoned well needed to be covered so that others do not fall into it

He invited all his neighbors to help him out. They began to shovel mud into the well. The donkey realized what was happening and began to bray helplessly. After a while, the donkey gathered its psychological courage and decided to adopt a change process so that it can survive. It realized that there was no point in braying horribly and the need of the hour was to take advantage of the current situation. When each shovel of mud hit its back, the donkey shook off the mud and took a step on it. As the farmer and his neighbors continued to pour mud on the top of the donkey, it went on shaking the mud off and took a step up. Finally, every one gaped at the donkey for its psychological courage as it walked out of the well majestically.
Psychological Courage - A Story
This story conveys a great message to us on how to face the difficult situations in our life by using psychological courage. Life is going to throw several challenges to us like mud that was thrown at the donkey by the farmer and his neighbors in this story. Hence we need to take all such challenges as stepping stones and shake them off like the donkey did in this story and rise to the next level. Our problems are the stepping stones and psychological courage is our powerful weapon to take advantage of the problem instead of lamenting helplessly.

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