This one procrastination tip will make you highly productive

You heard lot of tips about procrastination & how to get rid of it. Procrastination is not always bad. It produces good effects if it is used appropriately.

Distractions are one of the major productivity killer. Distraction can be interruption by someone, phone, mail, notifications from apps, mental, physical, etc. Most of the time, distractions are non-urgent & unimportant in nature.


Say, You are in middle of some important activity & you are hearing notification sound from your phone’s Facebook messenger App. This is a typical distraction you can see every few minutes. You can simply say (either loudly or in mind) “Nope. I will look at it later” & put your procrastination in right use. Use these phrases as often to your distraction situations as possible to keep you continue the productive work.

“I will meet you later”

“I can check these mails later”

“I can talk to him later”

I keep simple meaning to Procrastination – postponing something which needs to be done. Many distractions disguise itself as ‘Urgent’ or ‘Important’ or both. The decision is left with us. Just ask one simple question “How about doing this later?” If you get a ‘Yeah’ answer from your mind, then it is not a thing to do now. Go ahead and procrastinate such non-urgent & unimportant activities.

Image Credit: flickr@Vic

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