If You Read One Article About “Threes” Read this One

Our brain has a lot of magic in it. Till now, science revealed only part of it’s function & everyday new research findings are published. One of the study says – Our brain receives million bits of information in a second but it can process only 50 bits in a second. All received information doesn’t need to be externally fed one – it can be retrieved information from stored.

Having said that, information overload will in turn causes counter productive effect in the brain. Instead of increasing productivity, it causes distraction, results in confusion, less or no progress & causes derailment.three.png

I use the technique of ‘Threes’. It is simple technique to restrict yourself not to go beyond 3 items at any given point.

  1. I don’t keep more than 3 items in WIP status in my To-do list. If it is more, it is going to be a distraction, creates unnecessary pressure & results in low progress.
  2. Even an article suggest 15 items, it is not possible for us to take action on more than 3 items, so I choose only top 3 items to review.
  3. In any book that I read, I note 3 top take away as it is easy to remember them when I think about the book.
  4. When preparing PPT, don’t use more than 3 points in a slide

Technique of Three de-clutters mind & simplifies life. Try it, you can see a notable change.