Not everything optional in life. Changes needs to be intentional

Are you planning to change something but thinking it is optional one? Think again. Change is never optional one – It is intentional.

Find a purpose to motivate the change – Any new habit development is a change to the existing routine. How will you inject a change in the routine (Say waking up early, going to gym, reading book)? All these are new habits that you may want to start. You need to be intentional about it. First and foremost you need to find a purpose that motivates you. It may be an external trigger – like alarming results in your last health checkup (or) internal trigger like your thought process. Whenever you think about the purpose, you should say ‘Yes. I have to do this by any means’.

Keep good company – You know useful change is hard & some of them need more moral support other than own will power. Though your intentions are good, distractions are everywhere. Never let someone poison your mind with negative thoughts that spoil your determination. Surround yourself with someone who encourages you & remind you on your goal.

Focus on end results, not on initial setbacks – Setbacks at start is common in any change. If you start seeing them under lens, then it will derail the whole change activity. Focus & refocus on end results that you want to achieve everytime you come across a small setback. This is vital in keeping it going.



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