5 Simple Tips to Time Management Mastery

Productivity is digital life’s new mantra! Productivity is measured by our ability to manage the time. Time management skills is a must to compete with others, even our own yesterday. Better time management leads

i) greater success ratio in career & personal life

ii) allows one to achieve more

iii) increase efficiency & effectiveness of an activity

Current researches relates every particle in the universe to ‘Time’ in one or the other way. Either approachability, rotation, size, etc are compared in terms of time. So humans are no exception for this.

Our mind build time sense by nature. Our mind sets time for each activity & keeps on calculating lapsed time, remaining time, over time, in different angles based on critical nature of the task. Sense of urgency, increases heart rate, makes us think faster than light, make us work faster than usual, requires more energy and resources.

There is a famous saying “World is like a race ground & all are running in that”. One who completes faster gets appreciation, praise, monetary benefits. The one runs slow gets blame, scold, no monetary benefits. Race is by nature & no one can avoid. You cannot stop it or take rest. You have to run or at least walk to beat someone who walks slower than you, otherwise it is not possible for you to survive. Life is counted as number of years, days, hours, minutes you lived. Unless you develop time sense in you, it is very difficult to cope up with expectations.

Practice makes a man perfect – this statement is 100% true for time management. Time management requires practice in every aspect. So, how do I practice? Start in small steps.

5 Tips to better  Time  Management.png

1. Wake up early – Increase your daily active life at least 10 – 15 mins by waking up earlier than the time you wake up daily. This step should not be at the cost of your sleep quality, so go early to bed to adjust the overall sleep duration

2. Treat all days same way – Don’t be lenient on holidays. Wake up same time on Sunday too. This makes more room for your personal activities

3. Follow a routine – Set time goals, observe & take corrective actions for future. Planning ahead and following routine gives a more control over the activities & predictable outcome.

4. Prioritize acitivites – Yes! Prioritize as much as possible. Force your prioritizing to broader level. Don’t just categorize all of them using 3 scale (1,2,3). Have unique level for each of them. If you have 20 activities in hand, have 20 priority levels. This gives unambiguous execution order. But do remember #3, and modify the priority levels based on current situations.

5. Have good mental health – All boils down to our mind. Uncluttering mind allows proper execution of our plans. Do your best to keep up the mental health in good shape. Everyday perform activity that gives you happiness at least for 10 minutes like talking to your parents, spouse, watching comedy videos, reading books that you felt close to your heart, washing your car, cleaning home, playing with your kids or pets.