We’ve never done it that way before…

When I asked my visitors about widely used Risk Identification Technique in their organization(https://leadershipchamps.wordpress.com/my-polls/), majority of them voted for ‘Brainstorming’. No wonder why they chose that. Brain is a piece of flesh that has the power to create a new galaxy or destroy it! Ideas from such a wonderful brain is the main investment for businesses.

Brain is such a great body part which can be compared to many things like super computer, storage media, super search engine, movie camera, etc. But it is much more than that. Experience, thinking & ideas are key outputs that led to several inventions & revolutions. Brainstorming is very important for an individual, community or an organization to produce desired results.


Here is the reality of brainstorming in day to day business. It is common in IT industry, brainstorming carried out by a group of closed minded peoples who come up with the mind set to say ‘No’ to new ideas. Some may not deny directly but they use all phrases (like the one mentioned in blog topic) that rejects the idea in a round about way.

In one meeting, Manager started a brainstorming with the final decision in mind – he presented the scenario, he told the solution and asked every one whether they agree. That’s all! Here brainstorm loses its actual meaning.

To have an effective brainstorming –

1. Attendees (including chair person) should have open mind for any ideas that comes up

2. Leader should present scenario ask for ideas

3. Small or big – an idea is an idea. Don’t reject! Even an idea considered as simple one should be validated

4. Brainstorming should bring all options out – Leave no stones unturned

5. Using Mind Maps is one of the greatest way to do Brainstorming. Mind Maps brings focus, clarity in thinking, grouping of common items under different categories & breaks linear thinking pattern, which produces great choices.

Start with a question & bring out all options,

discuss number of ways to handle the situation,

document them,

choose best idea,

rank it & rate it,

adapt best suited solution at that given point of time that satisfies all constraints.