Wish You a Happy New Year 2014!

I can say, this year, 2013, is the best & great year for me as a blogger. I like to thank all of you in this occasion.

In one side, blog stats give me the details about the blog reach, most liked posts, most commented posts,etc, on the other side, I tried other social media like facebook, pinterest, linkedin and YouTube to share the knowledge to wide audience & succeeded to some extent.

Here is the gist of happenings in 2013 & what you can expect in 2014:

* Unlike previous years, I took enough time to conceive & shape my blog posts. This year, posted around 15 posts.

* I spent quality time in creating ITTO Process Driller excel tool for PMP aspirants. Still I have some improvement ideas & Android Mobile App for the same. I am positive in releasing them in first half of 2014.

* I am also in the process of bringing out Project Management Mind Maps for all 47 processes – This year, I published 10 mind maps till now – 2 overall (in jpg format), 2 multi-level drill ITTO maps (in pdf format) & 6 process mind maps with detailed item description for each one of them. In 2014, I am planning to publish a PDF book with all Mind Maps as ready reference.

* In 2013, I posted 200+ status updates through facebook fan page which now has 388 fans.

* In 2013, I created couple of YouTube videos on Project Management topics. My main focus in 2014 is on creating more video for PM/ Leadership knowledge sharing, tips & tricks.

The one and only reason which is leading me to contribute more is – YOUR SUPPORT!  Without your support & feedback, I don’t think it is possible for me to do so much of activities. I expect the same support from you in the years to come. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2014!


Transformational Leadership in FB – Infographics

This is Infographics representation of one of my blog post “How do we practice transformational leadership in facebook?“. This is my first attempt in creating the Infographics format. I see Infographics uses some of the components of Mind Mapping for its attractiveness – more graphics with highlighted keywords.

Infographic-Transformational Leadership in facebook

Infographic-Transformational Leadership in FB

How do we practice transformational leadership in facebook?

Have you ever thought facebook is so useful in keeping yourself updated with all your near & dears?

I find facebook gives one more level of service which no one thought about!! – YES! It gives excellent way to show your leadership skills.

It exactly delivers the transformational leadership components on every post that one makes!

Let us look at how it does –

1. Individual consideration: This component says “everyone is not same & we need to give individual attention based on their current level” How facebook gives this: You communicate your friend in individually on their wall. Even it is common post, you may address your comments specific only to a friend by using @friend name. In this way, you make an individual who interacts with you feel more comfortable as you converse with them in their level.

2. Intellectual Simulation: “Has anyone thanked you for the suggestions or comments that you provided helped them getting out of a trouble they faced?” Then you already practicing Transformational Leadership.

Sometimes even the options that we share may not suits exactly to that situation but that induces more thinking about the solution for the problem that they are facing – This is ‘Intellectual Simulation’ component of Transformational Leadership. I found facebook has really wonderful way to express your views in one-to-one or one-to-many relationships. Authors, business leaders, individuals help friends by giving comments that lives longer than their life time.

3. Idealized Influence: Are you getting lot of comments & likes for the posts that you make in your facebook updates? There may be positive responses or negative. You are impacting visitor who reads your posts even you don’t get the responses. Your influence is more & it is greater than one-to-one conversation.

In case the way you present is not liked by many, as a leader, change the way you tell that is accepted by your followers. Most of the time, you are respected & admired by your followers. They have a separate place for you in their heart. You have absolute trust on your followers and they also have it for you. In any situation, you show high standards of conduct.

4. Inspirational Motivation: Inspiration? Motivation? so much literature on this topic & got frustrated about any book that says about it? You like these words when you put in practice in one book called ‘facebook’.

Every news feeds, status updates, videos, links – what do you expect? Something funny.. but meaningful.. right? Take every care on your facebook updates to reflect what you have in mind – but inspires or motivates someone who reads it. At least make some attempt to make an impression about it.

Motivation really comes down to inspiration. Since motivation comes from within, it is a form of self-inspiration. This process is nurtured by watching others achieve their goals.

Most often it is developed by following the example of leaders who do the right thing for people, communicate frequently, empower vigorously, coach regularly, and sacrifice for others.

Summation of Transformational Leadership was given excellently in Reference [1]. It is a nice gist and has almost all activities of Transformational Leadership.

1. Leaders have high moral and ethical values.
2. Leaders express genuine interest in followers.
3. Leaders have an inspirational vision.
4. Genuine trust exists between leaders and led.
5. Followers share leader’s values and vision.
6. Leaders and followers perform beyond self-interest.
7. Participatory decision-making is the rule.
8. Innovative thinking and action is expected.
9. Motivation is to do the right thing.
10. Leaders mentor.

Compare these 10 points with explanations about practicing them in facebook, you will feel the real power as transformational leader.


[1] Transformational Leadership by Colonel Mark A. Homrig, 21 Dec 2001. Retrieved on 08th Jan 2009 from http://leadership.au.af.mil/documents/homrig.htm

Want to add some more about these components? Please feel free to comment…