Leadership Quotes from “On Becoming A Leader” by Warren Bennis

I liked following Leadership Quotes. I thought I can share with you. These Quotes are taken from “On Becoming A Leader” by Warren Bennis

1. “If you’re not confused, you don’t know what’s going on”. – Yes it is true that we are always having one or the other confusion & we are working towards getting a resolution. The resolution is the one which helps to identify a Leader.

2. As organizations grow larger and as the change become more turbulent and dramatic, the dual forces of size and change intersect to create inertia and/or arrogance. Every organization is undergoing incredible and profound changes.

3. Restructuring and re-engineering can take you only so far. But you cannot restructure or re-engineer your company into prosperity. That takes ideas and reinvention. Thats what going to make the difference, the decisive difference between organizations and companies that succeed and those that fail. Talent cannot be attracted by command control leadership. – If one understands this then he is the great leader.

4. Followers need from their leaders three basic qualities: they want direction; they want trust; and they want hope.

5. Leaders generate & sustain trust using – ambition; competence; and integrity (moral fabric).

6. The important ingridients for leaders & organizations to succeed are Ideas(intellectual capital), Relationships(work in harmony & openness) and Adventure(risk, courage, curiosity).