LC – Sides of Leadership Rubik’s Cube

Here is the Leadership Champions’ Leadership Rubik’s cube. Rubik’s cube has 6 faces and 9 squares on each face. In this Leadership Rubik’s cube, each face has components of Leadership –

1. Vision – This is the central driving force for any leadership,

2. Communication – Vital component for leadership is communication without which leaders will not evolve,

3. Competence – Leaders & Followers competence should match to give highly successful results,

4. Commitment – Both Leader and Followers should be committed in achieving the vision,

5. Trust – Entire leadership is built on trust between leaders & followers,

6. Influence – As per Maxwell – “Leadership is Influence. Nothing more than that”. It is the leaders influence that takes his/her leadership to the next level,

7. Motivation & Inspiration – Though these two are outcome of influence, it needs to be handled separately. Leaders should know about followers expectations and getting them motivated & inspired ,

8. Relation & Recognition – This is another base component of Leadership. Relation and recognition decides the level of leadership success,

9. Awareness – Leaders and Followers needs to be aware of everything that is going around them & within them.

Sides of Leadership Dice

Sides of Leadership Dice

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